Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Islamic Politics, Politics of Love & Fraternity


Lesson From Kelantan

While writing this book, a Kelantanese friend of mine, Ustaz Abdul Rahim Jusoh unexpectedly turned up. He brought with him a file from a seminar organised by the Kelantan State Government. It contained 2 working papers and a few pamphlets, including one entitled “Kelantan Continue To Develop With Islam” (Kelantan Terus Membangun Bersama Islam) published by the Kelantan State Information Secretariat.

I was grateful to God to have received the pamphlet as it gave me the opportunity to find out from the Kelantan Government itself, what is actually happening in that state which has supposedly implemented the Islamic system of governance. It gave me the opportunity to gauge the accuracy of my view, that western politics borrowed and applied for Islam do not foster and do not bring about the understanding of Islam?

I was also concerned that my view as stated above could possibly annoy the people of Kelantan. However, the pamphlet, which explains the steps taken by the State Government to Islamise Kelantan, will resolve firmly the question of which and whose view is correct. Whether it is my view that an Islamic State can only be established through motivation and education or the view of the politicians who believe that an Islamic State can be achieved through western style political elections.

The following is my analysis of the pamphlet, “Kelantan Continue To Develop With Islam” (Kelantan Terus Membangun Bersama Islam). Through this analysis we shall distinguish the differences between those two views and reveal where the truth lies.

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