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Illuminati Escalate Insane Attacks on Gender

May 23, 2011


(left, Billboard for "French Connection" outside Eaton Center Toronto, with caption, "Who is Woman?")

"There is no question that the Illuminati is bent on spreading dysfunction. Our political, business and cultural leaders are either fools or traitors, or both."

By Henry Makow Ph.D

I spent last week in Toronto, where signs of the elite's psychological attack on heterosexuals are everywhere. Young females are the main victims. (I will expand below.)

For example, on Saturday, the largest newspaper, The Toronto Star, featured a front-page story on a "progressive" couple which is raising their third child, "Storm" to be genderless. They are not telling the child or anyone else what sex s/he is.

Inside there are two full pages where this Marxist couple explains, "If you really want to get to know someone, you don't ask what's between their legs."

"We've decided not to share Storm's sex for now -- a tribute to freedom of choice in place of limitation, a standup for what the world could become in Storm's lifetime (a more progressive place.)"

Setting aside the absurd presumption that gender implies some limitation, why are these Marxist crackpots getting this kind of coverage? Why are they being set up as a model by the Illuminati-controlled media?

Look at the "parent central" logo where this article appears online. Dot in a circle, the familiar Illuminati motif.

In a sane world, child protective services would remove the child from these lunatics.

Masculinity and femininity are essential components of our identity. They are biologically determined not socially-conditioned. Males have ten times more testosterone than females.

There is no question that the Illuminati is bent on spreading dysfunction. Our political, business and cultural leaders are either fools or traitors, or both.


On Toronto streets, young males are soliciting donations for Plan Canada's campaign to empower third world girls. This campaign is designed to make girls see their interests as distinct from their families. It's part of the perverse satanist agenda of rendering marriage and family obsolete.

Look at the logo for Plan Canada. Yup. Another stylized dot on a circle.

In the subway, Plan Canada has billboards which claim all girls in the third world are being exploited. One claims everyone else eats but girls go to bed hungry.

Another billboards pretends that supporting these girls is a human rights issue.

Human rights law in Canada is centered on the issue of discrimination. This campaign discriminates against boys who apparently are unworthy of support.

Can you imagine allowing such a campaign focused strictly on boys? It proves that "human rights" is just a higher form of discrimination. Illuminati-favored groups have them. Groups that the Illuminati perceive as a threat, don't.

Meanwhile, Metronews devoted an issue May 17 to Lady Gaga and her message that people should define themselves solely by their sexual orientation and that bisexual or homosexual is where it's at. This is disguised as advancing "homosexual rights."

This international freebee paper espouses the familiar Illuminati agenda: subvert gender, racial, national and family identity. Gaga fans from around the world were asked what they think, and uniformly the answer was: people have no identity of any kind, except possibly for gay.

"The key to creating a world where we are all valued, supported and nurtured.. is to recognize we are all the same," said one. They all echoed the Gaga mantra "I was born this way" which refers to homosexuality.

Meanwhile, back in Winnipeg, more than 350 young feminists held a national conference at the University of Winnipeg.

Don't you think it remarkable that these young women have money for this? And get coverage and support from established media and universities?

"The Reb ELLEs Movement describes itself as a national network of feminist collectives and young feminists working to defend women's rights and to co-ordinate actions to fight sexism, patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism," reported the Winnipeg Free Press.

What does anti-colonialism and anti-capitalism have to do with feminism? Clearly feminism is a Communist front.


If a woman will not accept her husband's just leadership, she does not love him.

Femininity is based on loving and nurturing husband and children. A woman loves by surrendering power to her husband in exchange for his power (protection) expressed as love. Men want power; women want love. Heterosexual marriage is based on this exchange.

It just makes sense that a woman needs a man's support while she raises children. Thus, marriage is essential to both a woman's fulfillment and material security.

Masculinity is defined by power. Power = penis. Empower women and you give them a psychological penis. You neuter them.

By sabotaging their gender identity and their faith in marriage, the Illuminati are transforming females into their sexless worker-drones and amateur whores.

The signs last week weren't only on walls or in newspapers. Most of the young women I saw on the street clearly defined their self-worth in terms of sex appeal.

But they seemed to regard male attention as predatory. They were like amateur streetwalkers who were both too self-enamored and gender-confused to relate to males.

Yet they will actually demonstrate for the right to behave like sluts without suffering any consequences. Their younger sisters are also being sexualized and look like Brooke Shields in the film Pretty Baby. (left)

The Illuminati are turning young women into mutants, unfit for marriage, and unfit for motherhood.

They are fit only to betray themselves and their society as cannon fodder in the New World Order.

Our world is increasingly zany because it is controlled by
a Cabalist satanic cult, the Illuminati.

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