Saturday, May 7, 2011

Webster Tarpley : Next False Flag Terror Attack will be Blamed on Pakistan to start World War 3

This is bad shit, Pakistan will cut the supply lines up from the Indian Ocean & through Pakistan , 200K troops cut-off like Stalingrad. Can’t resupply from air, can’t have an air evacuation due to logistics and hostile air space. Many are now fuzzy on whats going on, so that is a major step from not believing the truth . ANYONE who thinks for one moment that we could ever just waltz into Pakistan (under the pretense of securing their nukes) lives in la-la land. Pakistan would be/will be an admirable opponent. It wouldn’t be like any war we’ve so far fought in that region; it would be absolute madness and mayhem…and that’s an understatement! Albert Pike’s plan for WW3

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