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INVESTMENT : Capital Guaranteed by Bank


In Diamond Motion Ltd (DM), we have only one purpose:

“We are driven to turn Diamond Investments Program and

Dreams into lasting reality.”


In everything we do, we strive to reflect the unique qualities of our Diamond Investment Program

and Product. We call this “Living up to Diamond Motion (DM) ” It means we will…….

Be Passionate

We will be exhilarated by the Diamond Investment Program and Product we sell, the challenges we

face and the opportunities we create.

Pull Together

Being united in purpose and action, we will turn the diversity of our people, skills and experience

into an unparalleled source of strength.

Build Trust

We will always listen first, and then act with openness, honesty and integrity so that our

relationships flourish.

Show We Care

The people whose lives we touch, their communities and the environment we share, all matter

deeply to us. We will always think through the consequences of what we do so that our contribution

to the world is real, lasting and makes us proud.

Shape the Future

We will find new ways. We will set demanding targets and take both tough decisions and

considered risks to achieve them. We will insist on achieving excellence

and reward those who deliver.

Company Introduction

An offshore investment program headed by DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) providing services for investors who seek opportunities through offshore investment. The company offers investors the opportunity to participate in the world's most important industries and market sectors. Mines and precious metals, paper and forest products, oil and gas, energy equipment and services where gold and diamond are industries in which Canada has demonstrated many competitive advantages. The company invests in a diversified portfolio of securities of companies involved in or indirectly dependent on the harvesting, mining or processing of world's natural resource wealth.

DM benefits from the cyclical nature of natural resource commodities, which helps reduce the overall risk in an investment portfolio, while adding the potential for exciting investment returns. DIAMOND MOTION LIMITEDDM registered in UK London provides a flexible financial environment, taxation scheme and regulations offer our clients more stable and higher returns on their investment.

The company has developed an admixture of risk control and directional investing that is coherent with our investment style and return targets. The flexibility that comes with offshore investing through mutual funds is enhanced by the quality of our products. In addition, our team of financial-management professionals has extensive experience in the financial markets, portfolio/risk management and offshore financial services. Utilizing qualitative and quantitative selection criteria, strict and disciplined risk management guidelines and effective hedging techniques, the company provides a variety of options in the offshore investment category.

Offshore financial services include a variety of other aspects related to money-management. The Company use and make available state-of-the-art portfolio monitoring technology, provide opinions on legal, transparency and confidentiality issues. Therefore, investing in DM offers a highly professional and all around service for our clients.

The company manages its own mutual funds, and, in addition, out-sources to other money managers which show the best results in their specific area of expertise. As diligent provider of offshore investment products, we, of course, disclose all risk factors to our investors. We don't guarantee returns and do not associate with parties who do. However, our strong focus in the area of risk management keeps these risks at a minimum.


Diamond Motion Limited (DM) aims to revolutionize the way people perceive electronic trading of

securities. By using cutting-edge technologies, lining up strategic partners around the globe and

simplifying multi-currency settlement, DM redefines the way people look at financial investment,

providing round-the-clock, hassle-free and seamless investment solutions.

Our ambitious growth vision is focused on:

Unlocking the full economic value of our leadership position

across the Diamond Investment Program.

Making it a reality by maximizing the potential of our global partnerships,

the skills and commitment of our people and the magic and emotional value of our product,

projects and Diamond Investment Program.


Grow, Achieve, Protect (G.A.P)

  Grow: DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) believes strongly in helping and educating our

investors on wealth management. With a fierce passion and strong dedication, we help you to

grow your money in the shortest time possible, at the highest rate possible. When you grow, we

grow too.

Achieve: DM’s offshore investment program is a platform for all to achieve their dreams.

It is a life-changing investment platform designed to make impossible, possible.

Protect: DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) 's group is comprised of some experienced

investors who are dedicated to making investment and business all over the world. With a good

offense in our investment strategy, we also need a strong defense. In DM, we strive to

educate our investors the proper risk management discipline to minimize their

risk exposure and protect their capital. This ideology is also adopted

by our experience investment team when they choose the markets or sectors to invest in.


The Principles support our Purpose, Vision and Values and apply directly to all our operations. It is for each member of the family of companies to interpret these Principles in ways that are appropriate for their own organizations, without reducing their intent.

Three guiding Principles define the way we do business, inform our understanding of what is right and wrong, and describe what is important to us. These are supported by an extended set of discipline-specific Principles that cover the economic, ethics, employee, community and environment aspects of our activities.


DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) Investment Management:

Built on DEPTH One word defines our investment management philosophy:


DEFINATION OF DEPTH – DEPTH delivers our investors excellence in investment management.

DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) pursues a single-minded focus on excellence in investment management. Driven by the needs and dreams of customers, the pursuit of the best in investment management is at the heart of our core business. We have developed and refined an investment management philosophy that is rooted in consistency, insight, innovation and global perspective. This philosophy represents a proven way of managing money that has earned the trust of customers and helped millions of investors and others achieve their dreams. It tells you why we are different and what we stand for. These are the principles and values that we live by.


We stick to our word and stick to our guns when it comes to managing money. This consistency of discipline is at the heart of building wealth for advisors and forms the foundation of trust among all investors . DM's investment management discipline also offers clients a unique advantage – the best in style diversification and product diversification as well as unprecedented access to some of the world's best money managers through our mix of in-house managers and Sub-advisors. In-house DM's portfolio managers apply rigorous methodology and a comprehensive process in managing investors' money. DM's select groups of sub-advisors are hired for their specialized knowledge and expertise in particular styles or markets. They are chosen according to the principles of DEPTH and are subject to the same exhaustive screening, rigorous review and accountability as DM's portfolio managers. We believe that active management of money generates greater returns to investors and the pursuit of consistent process and discipline reflects these values.

Five Proven Principles

1. Apply rigorous methodology and strict adherence to process.

For each fund, we follow a proven, systematic investment process guided by clearly stated objectives and strategies, governed by facts not emotion. For each management style, we follow a proven systematic investment process focused on:

Idea generation

* Stock screening
* In-depth research and analysis
* Stock selection and selling

2. Perform extensive quantitative and qualitative research.

In-house, our extensive quantitative research is complemented by qualitative input that together provide context for all investment decisions. In addition to using proprietary research, analysts' reports, financial models and detailed analysis of a company's financials, markets and business, we believe research is a face-to-face proposition. We meet, visit and talk to between 10 and 15 companies a day at home and around the world in our quest for the best insight and information. We meet with executives, industry specialists, economists and government officials and focus on assessing the quality of company management as the real catalysts for business success and share performance. DM also benefits from close contact and access to our unique global network. We maintain teams of portfolio advisors in New York and London – two cities with a clear view of key markets in Europe and North America. This offers investors the benefit of on-the-ground market knowledge and unparalleled insight into local markets.

3. Let individual portfolio managers pursue independent decisions.

DM investment process celebrates teamwork and encourages the free exchange of information among all portfolio managers. DM portfolio managers are passionate about their approach, blending art with science within the framework of strict process and methodology. Analysts also contribute to the process by making recommendations that are monitored, measured and tracked for the value they bring to a fund's performance. It's a focused and efficient model that blends teamwork with individual accountability. This is a system that allows each investment professional to act independently on their best ideas, while remaining true to investment objectives.

4. We promote the benefits of diversification and active management.

DM believes in broad diversification of management styles to achieve long-term success, one of the most basic principles of investing. We do this because we know that no single investment approach will yield strong results in every economic environment and because each portfolio manager offers unique experience and acts on different convictions.

The availability of a broad range of styles enables investment advisors to select funds that complementing another to ensure greater stability and stronger performance in a client's overall portfolio.. More important, we advocate only active management of portfolios. Our long experience has proven that the skilled contribution of trained portfolio managers will always generate better and more consistent performance over time. It's a comprehensive approach to products and services that we call the Wealth Management Continuum – ensuring that our clients have access to the broadest possible platform of investment management resources. We believe great results come from a variety of complementary equity styles and fixed-income products.

DM Growth Discipline -- Stalk the alpha wolves: we target companies with strong revenue and profits as well as growing sectors of the economy with skilled, strong management. These companies must be able to sustain earnings growth to dominate and thrive in their market.

DM Value Discipline -- Zig when others zag: we find unrecognized, undervalued companies and unlock their true market strength over time. The focus is on in-depth fundamental analysis to uncover stocks with sustainable earning growth. This process anticipates a three-to-five year holding period to achieve objectives.

DM Growth at the Right Price (GARP) discipline -- All in the mix: we offer investors a blend of growth and value disciplines to achieve objectives. The approach is to identify good companies just ahead of the curve and gaining momentum, but still trading at attractive prices. They must have strong, long-term cash earning growth and must dominate their underlying markets.

DM Momentum Discipline -- Growth on the fast track: we focus on buying high, selling higher. This higher-risk style targets stocks with strong upward price movement. This bottom-up approach anticipates and benefits from rapid price growth in selected stocks.

DM Fixed Income Discipline -- Dynamic stability: we combine active management with skillful analysis to enhance the performance of fixed-income investments. The approach follows top-down, fundamental analysis, interest rate anticipation and currency selection. Corporate bonds are used for yield enhancement and capital appreciation.

5. Invest for the long-term.

Our process is predicated on the benefits of long-term growth for investors. We do not time markets, ride trends or try to predict the latest fad. Unless specified by the management style, as a rule we adopt a buy-and-hold strategy, but define buy and sell signals for each fund and determine acceptable levels of volatility and risk. With nearly 50 years of experience in investing, we understand that consistency over time achieves results


DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) builds on a long tradition of mentoring and training honed and perfected over the years. Managing billions of dollars and being entrusted with the savings of millions of investors is a profession learned only after years of experience and training

For us, intellectual curiosity and solid skills trump nerves of steel every time. For internal DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) managers, the approach centre on building expertise through in-house training, mentoring, apprenticeship and promotion of talented individuals just starting out in their careers. Anchored by some of the most seasoned investment professionals in the world, this investment management team is trained through a multi-year apprenticeship that develops their capabilities first as analyst, then co-portfolio manager, to portfolio manager.

This approach contributes to a low rate of portfolio manager turnover and long management tenure helps us maintain consistent management styles. When necessary, we will also hire new portfolio management talent from outside to introduce specialized expertise and ensure healthy cross-pollination of ideas and approaches.

Our internal portfolio managers bring a wealth of expertise to the table:

An average of 15 years investment experience
Valuable experience in both good markets and bad
A variety of specialized skills, education and experience that they apply to portfolios.


We offer a unique feature that comes with every DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) investment product and service – a vibrant history that has shaped our business and our investment philosophy.

Over the years, DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) has grown to become one of the most successful offshore investment management companies. We are an independent company with a proud past and a wealth of experience in every kind of economy and market. It was the beginning of much more innovation to come. Today, DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) is widely recognized as one of the first companies to break through borders and recognize the advantages of global investing.

More recently, we have pioneered investment solutions to meet the needs of advisors and investors. To ensure availability of our products and services, we have built a strong distribution network through multiple channels, including brokerage houses, banks, insurance companies, planning firms and discount brokerages



The DIP is very simple forward plan. It only requires an investor to put a certain amount of money for a fixed scheduled return. Scheduled payments are clearly listed for investors.

Here is a more simplified example of a DIP :

Investment Principle : USD 10,000

Scheduled Payments : Every 30 calendar days

Payment quota : 5% per 30 days on first 3 payments.
        10% per 30 days on next second 3 payments.
        15% per 30 days on next third 3 payments.
          20% per 30 days on next fourth 3 payments.

Total no. of Payment : 12

Total Returns : 150% in 360 days


Be assured that in DM, everyone’s a winner. Our unique business plans not only allows you to achieve your financial goal using our sophisticated investment strategies, we also offer you 4 other programs to reward you for your support.

1. DM Affiliate Program (DAP)

It is a unique business plan designed to provide an interactive business network environment diversifying your success within your community of interest to the maximum. DAP allows you to earn high financial returns for the clients that you introduce to DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM).

For example, you as a DM Financial Consultant introduce your friends to DM; you will earn a 10% direct bonus on their Principal Investment.

Lets assume the following scenarios.

2. DM Revenue Program (DRP)

The DIAMOND MOTION (DM)’s Revenue Program (DRP) is the second source of income available for our Financial Consultants. Essentially, DRP enables you to enjoy a highly-rewarding financial return for the clients that you introduce to DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM).

When you as a DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) Financial Consultant introduce an investor, Ben to the DM’s Financial Plan, you will continuously benefit 10% return on all of Ben's incomes from his DIP investment.


This is the minimum DRP income you will earn from Ben's investment because Ben will surely Re-Invest more with DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) as time pass by; so your DRP income will be more than USD 15,000.

3. DM Financial Program (DM)

Since DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) is the ultimate financial facility created to cater to the public, our DM has been remodeled and developed into one of the most rewarding and exciting plans available today. This amazing plan helps increase profitability with generous investment commissions reaching all people throughout the entire organization, encouraging our financial planners to grow their financial network globally.

How does the DM Financial Program work?

All you need to do is introduce two active investors to help you start building your career in DM. The DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) Financial Program has been designed to be completely seamless. This in turn, provides an opportunity for more Financial Consultants to earn more income as they build a strong, global organization.

When an investor is introduced successfully by you to the DM Investment Program, You will place him or her into your left or right organization zone. Each zone accumulates a monthly group investment or Re-investment volume. This in turn forms the basis of your DFP returns. The DFP is computed basing on every calendar month as illustrated in the diagram in the next page. The DFP returns will be paid into the DM’s E-Bank on the 5th of each following month.

DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) Financial Program aims to provide an excellent opportunity for business builders in gaining financial security, free time and the capability to “Experience Better Living” at any level they desire.

It is the
DIAMOND MOTION FINANCIAL PROGRAM (DFP). As a DM Financial Consultant, when specific targets are achieved, you will enjoy rewards in respective and in accordance to the below diagram as illustrated.

3. DM Financial Program (DFP)

New Investments + Re-Investment = Millions of Dollars per month = Financial Freedom

As your network organization grows, your total Group Investment / Re-investment volume per month will easily reach millions of dollars, translating to hundreds of thousands of dollars of DFP income for you.


These are just your DFP Income; you still have more income from DIP, DAP & DRP. If you know how to manage your money well, you can even achieve your million dollar target at an earlier date. These calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Some people will achieve more, some may not. Your DFP income is the result of your hard work and down line group's investment growth.

4. DM Bonus Program (DBP)

DM’s Technical Support

DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) has invested significantly in its technical infrastructure and network configuration to ensure the stability and security of its on-line trading platform. It is committed to bring into the market the latest technologies which allow an unprecedented creation capability of value-added services in terms of web-based financial services.

Because DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) is marketed and supported through the World Wide Web platform, DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) places a lot of emphasis on its technical support team. Every transaction, enquiry and troubleshooting procedure is processed by our online Technical Support.

Our DM’s Technical Support operates 24 hours a day to ensure that all live data is processed on a Real Time Basis. Investors are able to obtain their Trading ID once completing and submitting our online application form. All investments take effect immediately after the investor selects the "Start Invest" option within our online platform.

The DM’s Technical Support consists of its own Research and Development Department whose prime objective is to design creative and reliable solutions for future financial products. The department is also responsible for formulating a complete selection of online tools which can be utilized by our DM’s Financial Consultants to market our financial facilities to the worldwide community.

You can rest assured that DIAMOND MOTION LIMITED (DM) online facilities are up to par with the best.

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