Friday, June 10, 2011

Bilderberger bomb threat text?

While doing some searching on something entirely different today, I stumbled across an image statement that appeared to be a bomb threat text directed at the Bilderberg gathering this weekend (venue shown at right). My browser froze from another application just when I was about to make note of the url. I couldn't get the Prnt Scrn function to work either.

I thought that after rebooting it would be easy to get back to it, but with some distractions that came up in the mean time, and not remembering the exact search term combination I used (the freeze apparently effected the url/search cache function), I can't seem to find it now. In trying to remember what the search terms were, which is difficult since it was totally unrelated. I was looking for something along the lines of a quote I put on our fridge for our kids: "We all make mistakes. It's important to admit those, say 'I'm sorry', and learn from them, so we can move past them." There is so much stuff out now about Bilderberger and bombs that those keywords aren't much help.

Infowars reported today that a road to the Bilderberger meeting was temporarily shut down due to a bomb scare. I presume that if this was an actual threat, the authorities have already been informed of it by now, and they have been taking preventative measures; or perhaps they've ruled it as a hoax. There's not enough corroboration for me to dare bring it to their attention.

I thought you who like to be on the cutting edge of alternative news might be interested to know "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey would say.

Here is my recollection of what I read in the formatted text image blurb, reconstructing it from memory (paraphrasing, ~90% estimated accuracy of essence):

With help from inside sources, using some of your own advanced technology, we have been able to situate a very powerful bomb within vicinity [inside or outside?] of the Suvretta House hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where your Bilderberger meeting is being held. If you disband the meeting and go home, it won't go off. If you proceed, there is no telling when it might go off. Don't try and find it, because if you tamper with its enclosure, it will detonate. It might not destroy the entire complex, but it should clear out enough of you to make the world a safer place for freedom. (We call upon you to cease your activities of fomenting wars, destroying economies, spreading fear among the populace, decimating populations through rigged vaccines, making the population docile through food and water additives, clamping down on free speech, and other totalitarian and psychopathic agendas, etc…) -- White Dragon Society

Something along those lines. Maybe someone was just messing around, and the statement I read was not an actual threat. But there was a bomb scare today. I wonder if these two things are related, and the above text is what spurred it. Kurt Nimmo of Infowars speculates that the bomb threat was fabricated as a ruse to block access to the alternative press (the mainstream press [controlled by the Bilderbergers] is nowhere to be found for this super-high-level meeting where the black op agenda is discussed) documenting who is arriving at that event. Perhaps there was something to the threat after all?

I sent a message to Benjamin Fulford of the White Dragon Society for his comment and am waiting to hear back from him (pictured at right next to David Rockefeller, one of the key conspirators of the Bilderbergers he interviewed in Tokyo). I'm guessing it is probably just a hoax by someone else. It certainly would make for an interesting movie plot. (See his response below)

While I am also anti-Bilderberger and pro-freedom, I am not for violence. I think we should resolve our problems through peaceful means as much as possible; and while we will have fragments of freedom, we should do everything in our power to instill change through peaceful means. The Bilderbergers can be brought before a Nuremberg type trial in due time.

I do think that Alex Jones' call for a mass protest at their location in Switzerland is a great idea, and to call for the mainstream press to cover this otherwise secretive event, in which nefarious plans are made for mankind, against the better good of free humanity. Here's his video appeal:

Shortly after sending my email to Fulford, he responded:

You can rest assured that letter has nothing to do with me or any of my associates. Anyway the Bilderbergers are meeting in the Keminski hotel not the Suvretta Hotel as far as I know. If our group were to take action against the Bilderbergers, it would take the form of arrests and trials, not terrorism. Attached FYI is an article about the problems the financial system has.

We are focused on creating a new International Economic Planning Agency to help end poverty, stop environmental destruction and oversee a transition to the new energy and other technologies.

We have set up a White Dragon Foundation and are now soliciting donations.

If you have technical information about new energy technologies you wish to put out into the world, I will make sure wealthy investors get a look at it. Also, if you or your colleagues encounter any sort of illegal harassment or intimidation, we can help.

And a couple of hours later added:

It is called the White Dragon Foundation and has been officially registered as a non-profit organization with the Japanese government. We are hoping some of the legitimate owners of the world's assets (not the Bilderberger usurpers) will be able to use it as a vehicle to invest their money for the good of the planet. I will be lobbying the various industrialists and tycoons I met when working as a journalist on behalf of the foundation.

The White Dragon Society is an informal group who act like a volunteer emergency fire department in times of crisis. We are facing such a crisis situation now.

We are waiting for the bank account to be opened in the name of the foundation. I went on Wednesday to open the account and they told me it would take 3-4 days. However, if people wish to help, please send money via Western Union to Neil Keenan, Plovdiv4000, Bulgaria. He will bring legitimate ID. He is under physical and financial attack because he has prepared the lawsuit that will be the trigger mechanism for the arrest of the Bilderberger Nazis. He desperately needs money because they have frozen his assets. They have offered him astronomical bribes but he is refusing despite the financial pressure he is under.


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