Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Patriotism vs. Globalism

Patriotism is the American Dream, Globalism is the dream of the few Satanic Psychopaths that control 97% of the world's resources. Patriotism is the solution to America's problems, Globalism is the Source. Consider what Americans have gotten from the Fascists and Communists that call themselves Globalists:

1. Free Enterprise Zones, where foreign countries, some hostile to America's interests, get to colonize these United States with the additional benefit of not paying taxes.

2. Foreign wars for oil and narcotics.

3. Open borders designed to bring in cheap labor to compete against American citizens.

4. Foreign goods, manufactured by wage slaves, destroying American businesses.

5. International corporations run by Satanic Psychopaths undermining Traditional Family Values.

6. A Foreign owned currency that charges us interest.

7. A Tax system designed to extort our wages to pay for a foreign currency that charges interest.

8. False Flag operations designed to stifle dissenters that compalin about Globalism and the parasites that are bleeding America to death.

9. Politicians that are owned by these same parasites that vote to continue all of the above.

10. Twenty-five percent real unemployment plus who knows how much underemployment (50%?).

11. A collapsing infrastructure that results from paying interest on a currency that is owned by a foreign entity.

12. Thieves and robbers that commit crimes with impunity.

13. Forty percent of Americans dependent on a government check because their jobs have been sent overseas, their retirement funds have been looted, or their pension plans have been replaced with worthless IOUs.

14. A 50% divorce rate that is the result of the poisons they perpetrate on our society, and which they forbid us to censor. Pornography, homosexuality and other evils that no society should be forced to tolerate.

15. An educational system that spends more time training us to not offend the small minority of social deviants in our midst, then it teaches the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

16. A Social Services system that steals children from capable adults, and then uses them to feed the Satanic lusts of our Satanic overlords.

Patriotism and Nationalism are the solutions. Adolf Hitler was neither a patriot nor a nationalist. Neither was Stalin, nor any other Satanic Psychopath that has governed over an evil empire. Patriots don't start wars. They don't kill their own citizens for political gain or entertainment. They don't need a police state where cameras are permitted to watch honest citizens, and honest citizens are arrested for using their cameras to watch the police state.

1. Patriotism is Closed Borders with reasonable citizen requirements that exclude Satanic Psychopaths that want to rape and plunder American citizens.

2. Patriotism is local businesses that create wealth for local communities using local labor and locally manufactured products.

3. Patriotism is using silver coins and bullion for long-term savings instead of Federal Reserve Notes, stocks, bonds or other instruments controlled and issued by the Satanic Psychopaths.

4. Patriotism is rejecting the pornographic priestesses that dominate their propaganda. It is ignoring the sirens of destruction trying to pull our families apart.

5. Patriotism is rejecting the something for nothing mentality that the oppressors use to divide and conquer our citizenry. Patriots avoid risk and squandering their resources on get rich quick schemes.

6. Patriots can take care of their own, and don't appreciate taking care of others that are able to take care of their own.

7. Patriots believe in God and good. Satanic Psychopaths feed their degenerate lusts which have become their gods.

8. Patriots don't start wars, they finish them.

9. Patriots love their country, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They believe in the individual, not the State.

10. Patriots have hope. Psychopaths have fear.

If America is to be saved, it will be through the resurgence of Patriotism and the rejection of Globalism. The Psychopaths know this and that is why they created and promoted the controlled opposition we call the "Tea Party". We need to recognize that salvation will not come from any political party, but only through our individual effort.

I believe that only a small percentage of Americans are willing to put forth that effort. America was great, because America was good. Not because of technology or superior armaments. America once relied on God's strength. Now that the vast majority of Americans have rejected good because of expediency our enemies have taken the advantage.

Unfortunately, the only way for God to redeem this country is by permitting the destruction of this wicked majority through natural disasters, famine, disease and bloodshed. Every other method seems to have failed. One thing I am certain of, God will reduce the ranks of the evil and degenerate until the righteous once more can claim the majority upon this land.

I hope that as we face these coming trials that our collective hearts will be softened and return to the true source of our power. Afflictions can do this to a man or group of men. I also hope that we start looking inward for our solutions, and that this inward search leads us back to what made this country great.


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