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Politics, Politics of Love & Fraternity

Islamic Politics, Politics of Love & Fraternity 

Words from the Publisher

This book is written at the most appropriate time, that is when the Western political system is deteriorating and has proven its incapability to rule the world. At the same time, Muslims worldwide have lost their faith in secular Islamic political parties that claim to be striving and struggling for Islam, but are just as ill-fated as other political parties that clearly uphold Western ideologies and political systems.

Apart from giving definitions, forms and methods of practising true Islamic politics that are totally different from those understood and practised by other secular Islamic political parties throughout the world today, Abuya Syeikh Imam Ashaari Muhammad At Tamimi introduces a new model of Islamic politics that he has been practising and applying for the past 26 years through his former jamaah, Darul Arqam and continued till today by Rufaqa, a company that he incorporated whilst his detention under the ISA (Internal Security Act).

His definition and practise of Islamic politics provides a new brand of knowledge, never brought forth by any other Islamic thinker, at least for the last hundred years.
His explanations are crystal-clear and assuring. Though his views are very different from current and prevailing ones, those who read them will find that they are simply irrefutable. In fact, they will discover that it is Abuya’s brand of politics that are promoting changes to the world’s political climate today. He bravely makes forecasts of the future of Islamic politics, by predicting major events that will take place in Malaysia, Indonesia and other nations of the Far-East and also the world over.

preface                          foreword
chapter 1 : the true politics  

Politics as defined in the preface of this book means the knowledge of administration. As such, true politics must mean safety and salvation. That is what is required by the teachings of Allah.

What is meant by safe politics? It means the knowledge and the endeavour to plan, carry out, manage, maintain and upgrade all kinds of spiritual and material development for mankind as commanded and willed by Allah SWT (the Most Pure and the Most High), according to His rules and regulations which is the Islamic shariah.   More...

Chapter 2 : There is No Mention of ‘Politics’ ( See-ya-sah ) in the Quran
Based on all the knowledge that I have until the moment I write this book, the word ‘see-ya-sah’ (politics) does not appear anywhere in the Quran. I have also not seen this word even in the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet).

But when we refer to the Arabic dictionary, there is this word ‘see-ya-sah’ which when translated means politics which in turn means administrative knowledge in all its various fields.    More...

Chapter 3 - The Party Of Allah

In Islam, and as contained in the Quran, Allah had clearly and firmly introduced the party of Islam with the title “Hizbullah” which means the Party of Allah.Which in turn means that, Islam requires all its followers to be in such a party that is the Party of Allah. Not the party that follow the Western secular political system. This is stated in
the following verses:

Which means: “Verily, your leader is none other that Allah, His Messenger and the believers – those who perform as solah (prayers) and give zakah (tithes) and those who bow and submit themselves to Allah. And whosoever takes Allah, His Messenger and those who believe as their leaders, they are the party of Allah and they will be victorious.“ (Al Maidah: 55-56)
 Chapter 4 - The Leader Of Islamic Politic (Chaliph) 

As mentioned before, the factor that helps in the establishment of the of Islamic Political system in the government is the presence of a leader (caliph) who is knowledgeable and who has the attributes of taqwa (fear of Allah). This is based upon the decree of Allah: Meaning: “My servants, the righteous, shall inherit the earth.” (Al Anbiya: 105) In another Surah, Allah SWT said: Meaning: “Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: I will create a vicegerent (caliph) on earth.” (Al Baqarah: 30)

Chapter 5 : Is Politics Based On Elections Unislamic?

 Islam is a path that is clean and pure, physically and spiritually. The Islamic way of life is full of blessings, love, compassion and harmony. It is full of education and goodness. Its punishment is also its forgiveness. Its penalty is also its pardon. Allah SWT, the Most Generous, The Most Merciful, has created a way of life that is perfect for His servants. It is free of dirt, filth or weaknesses. The beauty of Islam is congruent to the innate nature of mankind, even for those who are not Muslims because Islam is made for mankind and is suitable to man’s nature. The practise of Islam does not bring harm to anyone nor does it harm others. In other words, Islam is a religion that is safe and full of salvation.   More...

Chapter 6 - Technique Of Political Struggle That Is Unislamic

 I apologize because many politicians particularly those who wish to fight for the Islamic cause and others who are involved in the democratic political elections in Malaysia and the rest of the world will be offended, disheartened and even angry at my statement that their way of doing politics is inappropriate with the Islamic religion. I realize the risks involved and understand the sentiments of my fellow brothers from the political parties. However, in order to attain the truth, let us discuss the issue rationally and with an open heart using intellectual facts so that despite the differences in opinion, perhaps we will encounter something good which will be beneficial to all Muslims. Let us bury and sacrifice our personal feelings in the name of Allah because in any struggle sacrifice is required including the sacrifice and suppression of our feelings. If we are unwilling and unable to make sacrifices, we are not worthy fighters and our sincerity may be questioned. As such, in presenting the truth, I am willing to accept the risks. In fact, it is for the same reason that my previous jamaah was banned and I was detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).   More...

Chapter 7 : The Difference in the Outcome Between the Islamic Political Struggle and Western Politics
The Prophet (pbuh) and the Caliphs (Khulafaur Rashidin) managed to Islamise three quarters of the world, beginning with the small Islamic nation of Medina and Mecca. This was achieved not through the process of democratic elections but through motivation, preaching (dakwah) and education. However, politicians today wish to Islamise the world by first controlling and gaining power over the nation through the dirty Western electoral and political system. Politicians who say they struggle to establish the Islamic state are also included in this group and they share the same doctrine.    More. 

Chapter 8 : Lesson From Kelantan 

While writing this book, a Kelantanese friend of mine, Ustaz Abdul Rahim Jusoh unexpectedly turned up. He brought with him a file from a seminar organised by the Kelantan State Government. It contained 2 working papers and a few pamphlets, including one entitled “Kelantan Continue To Develop With Islam” (Kelantan Terus Membangun Bersama Islam) published by the Kelantan State Information Secretariat.  More..,

Chapter 9 : Model In Leadership 

True Islamic rule adhering strictly to the Quran and Hadith happen only to a few leader in history. The reign usually last only for a short period of a few years. Such is the way of Allah (sunnatullah). The truth does not last long. Like a natural flower, it blooms for a short while then it withers. Unlike artificial or plastic flowers, they last considerably longer.

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