Monday, February 27, 2012

Iranians will NOT make war with Israel. There will not be a great war like Armageddon in the time of the Mahdi

OKTAR BABUNA: There is a news item stating that "Ahmadinejad openly challenged them." President Ahmadinejad who spoke at a press conference he organized during his visit to Qatar said that a possible attack on Iran will be the end of Israel.

ADNAN OKTAR: O Allah, o our Lord. They are bullying each other, he is telling to the other "I will wipe out your dust" and the other says; "I will hunt you down".

PRESENTER: Look at his finger; up in a threatening manner.

ADNAN OKTAR: My brother, Iran and Israel is not going to make war. There is no such thing. I mean, there is no such thing in the time of the system of the Mahdi. In that sense there will not be a large-scale war from now on. There will not be a war like Armageddon. In addition Israel is not going to be destroyed like it is imagined. On the contrary Jerusalem will be prospered. Jerusalem is a city which Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will go. It will be bright clean by Allah's leave. We will clean out the old buildings. We will make those back streets clean. The Masjid of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) is neglected. We will re-build it and build a great mosque there. We will re-build the beautiful masjid of our grandfather, the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), right? We will make Jerusalem like Paradise. Therefore, there is no such thing as raving anything to the ground. Ahmadinejad will lower that finger of his. There is no need for that. Ahmadinejad is a very nice person. He is courageous and well-mannered. You should not look at what he says. They are making him nervous. Sometimes there is a word from Israel like "We will shoot Iran and launch an atom bomb." As a reflex he replies back in a manner to say "I will destroy you." There is no need for those. Neither Israel should threaten them nor should he answer them in this tone. There is no need for that. Atom bomb cannot be used on Israel. There are Muslims in Israel. There are our Jewish brothers and Christian brothers. There are Palestinian Muslims everywhere. The graves of all prophets are there. There can be no atom bombs, this and that to there. Let me say it openly; we would break that arm, which would attempt to launch an atom bomb. In the same way, we would also break the arm, which would attempt to launch an atom bomb on Iran. I mean spiritually, we would break it by using spirituality, by the leave of Allah. By the leave of Almighty Allah there will be no such thing. Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is there one day and there on another day. The world is not such an adrift place, insha'Allah. They are to pull themselves together. Insha'Allah.

We are humble students of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) in his absence; humbly and modestly we are, insha'Allah.

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