Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let’s Promote – HALAL PURE SEX is SUPERIOR to Forbidden Sex

(1) In Islam sex is a worship, a remembrance of Allah, holy, halal, valid and it is an obligatory practice for both husband and wife, with discipline and rules of syariah.

Who is the one who made the Muslim ummah to think wrongly about sex because it was said to be something embarrassing, even to mention the word is disgusting, shameful, obscene, digraceful, deplorable, distasteful and in the end there is no mention at all as everything is tightly shut! Anyone who writes about it, who fights for it, and discuss the issues will be regarded as extreme, playful, notorious, uncivilized, abnormal or crazy about sex.

Whoever tries to open the lid will be attacked silently and viciously, violently, madly, continously, mercilessly by those parties with authority and status. This killing is indeed very cruel, and thus, its suitable punishment is a curse ( to be condemned and totally destroyed).

(2) As an act of worship and remembrance of Allah, to do sex, it requires guidance, training, spreading of the knowledge, to put into practice and to strive for it. Its common terms or words should be familiarised into the society, discussions on the matter should be organised, all problems should be solved together, it may require a clinic for sex in Islam managed by the qualified specialist doctors. The presence of males in discussion groups to talk on matters relating to how to become righteous husbands is an act of worship, similarly for the women who gathers to discuss about righteous wives is an act of worship! Who is the one that stopped the activities for the struggle in sexual matters in Islam until the issues became very silent indeed?

(3) Forbidden sex which are too obscene, being joyfully discussed, being traded, being marketed and promoted madly even along the streets!

But pure or holy sex has been closed, silent and unheard anywhere. Do you know that there was someone who started the implementation of a Zionist propaganda plans and protokol to destroy the Muslim ummah with this adultery? Or is this your favourite thing? Or you do not realize any of these? Or are you ignorant because you don’t understand the strategy for the deadly war against the teachings of Allah and Rasulullah? By the Jews and Christians? In the Jewish synagogue, they said, we have no problem anymore, as currently when there Muslims who are against us, we have the Muslims themselves to help us go against them. The words to obey husband are the words of revelation from Allah and the Messenger, a formula for a Muslim woman to achieve “My home, my Heaven”!

When a group of Muslim women strive for this, by right all other Muslim women should give their support. What happened to the Muslim ummah who are aggresively mad against it? Who is the one that made Muslim men to be so fearful of their wives, and who is the one that made the Muslim ladies refusing to accept it? Indeed this evil deed is totally unforgiveable. May Allah’s curse be upon them.

(4) When sex in Islam is said to be a worship, it means that those who are performing it will be more fearful and more in love with Allah Taala. Who is the one that do all this, to plan such things until it succeeded in making the Muslim ummah incapable of being righteous even though they have been married for many years, with many kids and grandchildren?

(5) O dear Muslims, the hands that rock the cradle is actually the hands that rock the world. The character of the world being rocked, it sways and shakes, following the way of it is rocked. The hands that rock the cradle for Muslim children, has been the Muslims who live the way of those Jews. How could the one who rocks is not a Jew? But the world in no longer rocked by the Jews. The Power of the Final Prophet has taken over to to rock the world with Islam. If not, OWC will not have rocked the world. The Jews of Zionist are dumbfounded witnessing the magical hands creating OWC. How does a struggle for obedience towards the husband being challenged by the women themselves? Who is going to win this rock? Since when do Muslim women know, want and able to fight against the Jews? By whom?

(6) Let’s us make sex in Islam as our way of life and struggle. In the illegal situation it is made into business, sex trade is a good business. What more if it is traded after it has been cleansed and made legal. It is an even better business, isn’t it so?

A five star hotel is for those five star people or those people with high status, whether it is because of political power or money, we can hear preparations being made overthere, with high class prostitutes, Altantuya for example.

Let’s say this news is true, it simply means that illegal sex has become a norm or a culture for top people in this world. It has approved worldwide, wonder whose idea is this? Isn’t there anyone with an idea to bring all the victimised women to their homes and to marry them and their homes then changed to be like a five star hotel?

Or is it impossible for a wife to be treated at a five star hotel, when her husband arrives, she is the one to pull her husband’s hands and take him to the bedroom to provide and give whatever her husband has looked for over there?

Or is it wrong for women folk to attend a course conducted by the 1st class women for the wife to do the similar thing, that her husband has always long for at the five star hotel? What is the actual problem that prostitution being developed and its response being so good? Who is the creator this highly destructive script? It could not have happened on its own! Why is the husband or wife being this wild? Why is the nation being overwhelmed by this social ills and it is impossible that there is no solution available? Whose evil scheme is this, actually? Where should we begin so that in the end prostitution is buried once again?

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