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Obedient Wives Club: ‘You’re mistaken’ – Malay Mail


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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 11:27:00

RAWANG: “OUR noble intention has been unfairly misinterpreted.”

That’s the stance of the now infamous Obedient Wives Club (OWC) – launched only four days ago – which felt that its proclamation that wives should serve their husbands “better than a first-class prostitute” was taken in the wrong context.

Ever since the club’s vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamed, made the controversial statement last Saturday, it has been savaged and subjected to ridicule by the Press, women’s groups and religious bodies locally and internationally.

Dr Rohaya’s call was viewed by most as denigrating, as it painted a picture that women should always play a subservient role in a marriage.

The Malay Mail visited Bandar Country Homes in Rawang, where Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd – the multi-business corporation that runs OWC – is based and spoke with the club’s national director Fauziah Ariffin.

“I have been receiving non-stop calls since the launch,” said the jovial 40-something Fauziah, just after she hung up on a phone conversation with Time magazine, which were seeking to interview her.

“I believe we have been misunderstood and misinterpreted. When we said that husbands should treat their wives like first-class prostitutes, we were not putting wives on the same level with prostitutes. We are talking about first-class elite types, not street hooker types.

“Our wives provide men with top-level service. However, ordinary prostitutes can only provide good sex, but not love and affection which only a wife can provide.

“Hence, as wives, we must treat our husbands better. It’s not just in bed, but everything that a wife can offer. Optimise your role. If we provide our husbands more than a prostitute can give, then our husbands will not go out looking for it.”

Fauziah also argued that obedient wives will not cause husbands to take their partner for granted, but in fact, it will make them better husbands.

“When a husband comes home and receives good treatment from the wife, they become better and more loving husbands. Why would they treat their spouse badly if they are treated well?” she said.

“I also read somewhere that footballers often engage in sex with their partners or prostitutes before a match as this will boost their confidence. Likewise, when a husband gets a healthy dose of good sex they become motivated at work.”

Fauziah stressed that in Islam, there are four things that wives must do to enter heaven: to pray, to fast during Ramadan, to protect their chastity, and to be obedient wives – and it is often the fourth aspect that modern wives neglect.

She clarified that the club will not be giving out practical sex lessons.

“Of course not! There won’t be practical sex classes. That’s haram.”

She was asked to explain another controversial statement by Dr Rohaya earlier, that the club would provide bedroom lessons to the OWC’s 1,000 members.

Fauziah said their lessons will consist of motivational talks and discussions among the members. The talks will be conducted by her, Dr Rohaya, and eight other committee members.

“Dr Rohaya is a counsellor and she always has people, young and old, coming to her and seeking advice about their love lives. Even husbands come to her!”

The club was first introduced in Amman, Jordan on May 1, before it was launched in Malaysia last week.

On June 18, the club will launch its chapter in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“There are plans to spread the club to Europe,” said Fauziah, adding that Dr Rohaya is currently in Paris to organise talks in the French capital.

‘Husbands come first’

Fauziah Ariffin
FAUZIAH: Should not dismiss sex as unimportant

MEMBERS of the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) feel the hullabaloo on their newly-formed group is misplaced.

They told The Malay Mail they found nothing wrong with their club and its inception was fully justified.

“The modern wife seems to forget that it is her responsibility to keep the husband satisfied. They are too engrossed with their own career and leisure, they neglect their true responsibility,” said a member who wished to be identified as Mariam.

“Perhaps our club will help remind women of our task as wives. In Islam, it is an obligation for wives to obey their husbands, so I don’t find anything wrong with the club.”

Another member, who preferred anonymity, said she was not ashamed to join the club.

“There is nothing controversial about our noble movement as people should not be ashamed to speak up or seek advice from others to improve our sex lives,” she said.

“Club members exchange information, experiences and ideas with each other without feeling embarrassed.”

OWC has also been staunchly supported by some men.

“Ever since the launch, OWC offices in Rawang have been visited by so many people, including the Press seeking interviews with club members,” said a male religious teacher at the headquarters of the club, Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd.

“What is wrong with asking wives to obey their husbands? This is a practice that dates back to ancient times.”

Hunger leads to anger

“A HUNGRY man is an angry man,” said Obedient Wives Club coordinator Fauziah Ariffin in explaining why an active sex life is important in a marriage.

She said that when there is lack of sex from wives in a marriage, the husbands would seek sex elsewhere, including from prostitutes, and even rape and incest.

“If a man has his own ‘angel’ (bidadari) at home, the one who looks after him and satisfy his every need, logically, would he be looking for others?” asked Fauziah.

“In our society, wives often feel sex is a taboo subject, hence their negligence in addressing the sexual matter in their marriage.”

Fauziah said a marriage do not revolve around sex only, but it plays a major role between husband and wife.

“We have to look at this reality with an open mind and should not dismiss sex as unimportant, just because we are shy to confront it.”

Fauziah said in a modern society, working wives have little choice but to balance their work with personal life.

“This is the challenge which modern women have to embrace, to be an ideal Muslim wife. If she struggles and triumphs through all these challenges, I believe she will be rewarded by her husband.

Media frenzy

OBEDIENT Wives Club national director Fauziah Ariffin has been receiving incessant calls from local and foreign media since the club’s national launch on Saturday.

“TIME magazine just asked whether I could be interviewed soon,” said Fauziah, adding she recently had a Skype (Internet web-conferencing service) with BBC-UK.

She said local journalists have been coming to Rawang in droves, where Global Ikhwan is based, over the past 72 hours.

“The attention has been massive.

“But we don’t mind giving our take on the matter.”

Ikhwan has it all

Global Ikhwan

THOSE who visit the commercial area along Jalan Desa 9 at Bandar Country Homes in Rawang, can’t help but notice that most of the business signboards bear the name “Ikhwan”.

This is where the many businesses of Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd – a multi-national conglomerate formed by ex-members of the banned Al-Arqam group – are based.

There are all kinds of trading to be found here, from bakeries and sundry shops to boutiques and medical clinics.

Besides the newly-launched Obedient Wives Club, Global Ikhwan also made international headlines not too long ago when it formed the controversial Ikhwan Polygamy Club in 2009, which encourages husbands to take more than one wife to satisfy their masculine desires.

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