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Rasulullah SAW The Leading Figure For Sacred Sex – By Obedient Wives club

The holiest establishment in the world is family structure. It is the most important and holiest establishment – marriage and family life, and every religion has very strict rules to make it within powerful protection and to keep it for mankind. Marriage and family life in Islam are protected by very strict and strong rules, because every goodness comes through marriage. Every badness and evil and devils find a way to destroy beliefs and good character. Devils will be successful in their bad intentions by destroying family and marriage. That is the main aims of devils – to destroy family life and the foundations of marriage. The most difficult time for mankind is NOW. Every evil is just pouring on earth, because devils are trying to reach their final aim – to destroy the foundations of marriage and family life. This is the reason that Western people don’t care about their beliefs as Christians or Jews. There is no more power in Christianity or Judaism over their followers – they are unable to control them, there is no more discipline. The only discipline for marriage and family life which is able to control the lives of people is in Islam. Therefore, Western people are attacking Islamic discipline of families. They are trying to break down that protection, break down the discipline of family, break down the holiness of marriage and make Islam the same as Judaism and Christianity. That is why they are attacking. Mostly atheists are objecting to and rejecting and attacking Islam, family life in Islam and the marriage foundations of Islam – Sheikh Hisham Kabbani-

Rasulullah SAW The Leading Figure For Sacred Sex
By Obedient Wives Club

Sacred Sex in Islam Provides Safety and Protection
Forbidden Sex Destroys and Kills

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The Muslim Ummah has been practicing haram sex in great numbers. Even though in the vicinity surrounding the Masjidil Haram in Makkah. Almost every household tend to keep a prostitute. Those who beg on the streets are at at times prostitutes as well. Recently right in the center of Al Haram city, a car pushed out a naked women passenger who has been raped by forty-six men.

In Makkah to get a marriage contract is made difficult by expensive demands. Hence adultery and rape cases being multiplied. Millions of Muslim ummah gather during the Haj season but sinful acts continue to flourish in the world even in the holy land.

How would the Messenger SAW handle this problem? If not with his majesty the Final Prophet, to whom can the Muslims hope for them to voice their complains? The ignorance in this age is a lot worse than the first ignorance which the Prophet had to endure. If not by a Prophet, how would the Muslims be able to overcome this hurdle? Of course it is most allowable for the Prophet to be called The Leading Figure for Sacred Sex. Then, it will be history for the various types of haram sex, replaced with Islamic sacred sex through his struggle amongst the society.

Couples are selected and united with a marriage contract (akad nikah) ceremony. Men who generally wish to have more sex, are allowed to take not more than 4 wives. This 1 man 4 women are permitted to have sex. It is haram (forbidden) if they perform sex with other ways besides this or doing sex which Islam forbids like homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexualism and transexualism (LGBT).

Rasulullah SAW brought Islam. He began with the introduction of Allah as God. The Prophet as a messenger, thus, the Islamic syariah was uphold. Amongst them was marriage, a way of family life. MasyaAllah, an Islamic household by a righteous husband and a righteous wife, it was truly heaven on earth. Producing righteous sons and daughters. As the marriage went along, the feelings of love grew deeper. The Heaven permanently remained. Finally the entire Arab ethnic abandoned the haram sex, as they practiced the awesome sacred sex from Allah and Rasul.

Obedient Wives Club( OWC) are currently practicing Islamic sacred sex which was directly taught by Rasulullah SAW Indeed, it is truly awesome. The pleasures of Heaven on Earth are actually experienced by the married couples of OWC. If people were to know how Islam have this extraordinary sexual strength, certainly a husband and wife will not dare to go through divorce again. As it will be a real loss when the pleasures of being husband and wife is taken away.

If the gay people were to know the enjoyment of sacred sex, the pleasures tasted, the outcome of the pleasures, certainly they will feel foolish for practicing the unnatural sex. If the lesbian couple find the significance of sacred sex by Prophet Muhammad, certainly they will search for halal man for the truly beautiful sex. Indeed, do believe that Allah dan Rasul provide for Islam worthy and sexual pleasures that words can’t describe.

Do you know why OWC is being strongly obstructed by the seemingly human rights fighters?

Because they extremely fear that people will return to Allah and Rasul to undergo a way life with beautiful sacred sex, then, the West will be lonely and deserted from human beings. The Jews will lose everything. The Magnificent Islamic History which the Jews are well versed with, will definitely return. At that moment, the Jews will not have any place on earth to step on!

If not for that reason, why are they no longer being professional when confronting OWC. They preach democracy? Free to fight for your own rights? What is haram all become halal, but not with OWC! The book is banned, even the Club has no freedom! Where is the openness and engagement! Why? Feelings of fear that make you lose your judgement with OWC? Only foolish people do not understand that the Jews fear the rise of Islam by OWC. The clever people pretend they don’t understand and together giving their support for the Jews, all for their own self-interest. Even though they know OWC actually wish to return the Islamic Sacred Sex (halal sex) by Allah and Rasul to the world.

As a result Allah sends an answer with the numerous chronic cases in the society: divorces, homosexuality, lesbianism, apostacy, the chronic act of abandoning babies , murder and 1001 types of uncontrollable symptoms!!. The political power are being threatened and the economy is sharply falling down. Are all these enough for human beings to return to God?

Rabiul Awal may it be a month of realization for all human beings, especially for Malaysia and Indonesia. That living without God and the Prophet is a torturous outcome. Let’s connect with God once more, longing for Rasulullah again, for the sake of safety for the Country, race and family and our future generations.

Isn’t this life God’s creations?

God, then elected His Messenger Prophet Muhammad?
Allah and the Prophet are the most important part of life.
Allah is to provide everything for the servants, while the Prophet is to ensure all the provisions arrive together with safety: safe from the nafs (internal desires) and the Jews. So the relationship with God and the Prophet is something to be put into effort and strive for.
With Allah by means of solat.
With the Prophet through the salawat.
With Allah for all His deeds in creating, there is a need for feelings of love and longing in us. Reciprocate God’s love during prayer. The Prophet with his good deeds in saving and with teary-eyed invoking to Allah so that his people will be connected with Allah at all times, so we should be longing for him through salawat at all times as well.

Indeed, if human beings are willing to renew their relationship with Allah and the Messenger, certainly the reward is the awesome Islamic halal sex.

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