Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lets fight against the Jews in Sexual Matters

In this new season of tajdid, with a fresh fragrance in the air, we are taught that sex is the best worldly pleasure. It is immensely delicious that Allah grants it 100% to the bodies and souls of the spiritual people. The fact is, almost all world leaders today who are secular do not give much attention to their leadership as they are preoccupied everywhere, chasing after the highly skilled prostitutes who can provide them with the utmost pleasure to satisfy their hunger for their sexual climax which they have been missing. And yet Allah does not allow them to find it. And yet, at the same time, their own wives have turned to be their sexual enemies.

Meanwhile, the spiritual people are capable of having 4 lawful and honorable wives, who make their main basic responsibility as to provide love which is extremely satisfying because they are able to obey their husband to the fullest extent, especially inside their bedroom.

Yes, why does the spiritual person is capable of developing such an amazing progress in a very important field?

What is the difference between such a person and the distinguished secularists who are way behind in their efforts in searching for a meager meal for sex to the extent that they have to seek for their meal in the morning and then having to seek for another meal in the evening? Liken to a really pitiful beggar!

A spiritual person is actually a spiritual scientist. A logical scientist will only search and experiment exterior things while a spiritual scientist will explore even into the hearts of his wives.

He is capable of changing the emotions of his wife who previously was disobedient towards him to become extremely obedient. He not only receives the physical body of his wives but manages to conquer even their hearts.

The moment when the world leaders are unsuccessful in making a single wife to be good in entertaining them, a spiritual scientist is capable of developing a magical discovery because 4 wives love and work hard to satisfy him.

O yes, what is a spiritual scientist? In scientific terms, it is a spiritual surgery for the very complex human souls, to realign its connection so that they will be online with God. It is like all electrical goods being connected to the main switch, it is so that all the appliances will carry out their own functions. How could a soul be alive without being connected to its source, Allah SWT, the God who created all? Liken to a refrigerator which will not have its cooling effects if the parts activated are its door, its racks, its walls and its floor. Without activating its engine to an electrical source, it will forever be a useless item or liken to a corpse.

Human beings, if they activate only their mental and physical parts, then they become people who are only capable in controlling their wive’s physical body but not their hearts. Hence, the marriage which they hope to be a spiritual union, however turns out to be this way, they share the same pillow but there is a cold war between them. A fight for their own dissimilar desires! Both wishing for their partner to submit to their desires. And yet this has never happened. A husband wishes to be obeyed, a wife wishes for her heart to be taken care of. This results to an emotional war that can’t be ended, causing a life in hell. Love that always fails. An affection that is unsuccessful.

The world is at a loss because love is much needed, love and care is deeply longed for every soul. People have become victims of material and physical development. The formula used to create what seems to be love has deviated far away from its original destination they wished for.

In the competition to search for who is the most miraculous leader, the most important part that must be contested is the ability to create a model of a truly contented blissful home. That is a home which has a presence of a love-angel. A home where the husband has never slept or does not sleep in a state like being choked in the throat because he could not release his sexual tension.

Because Allah and Rasulullah’s decree for all, including fulfilling each other sexual desires, then all are carried out full heartedly. Sex is liken to a beautiful and nicely scented attire. To put on the attire over the body with various styles is such an exciting and delightful process. God likes beauty and nice fragrant, and created them, then let’s do it with all our hearts for the sake of our religion.

A leader who doesn’t know how to fulfill his own basic needs, he can’t even try to find ways to satisfy his own sexual needs, will he be able to help solve the needs of his people.It is true that His Majesty, Prophet Muhammad pbuh asking a wife to instantly fulfill her husband sexual needs even if it has to be on a vehicle. (the back of a horse or inside a car). Because, a man will suffer serious weakness in his body if his sexual needs are frequently unfulfilled. One example, these kind of weakness can lead to prostate problems later in life.

Allah’s purpose in uniting a man and woman in a marriage is to make the husband taking a full responsibility when his wife has intelligently fulfill his needs with 1001 ways that he needed and ordered!

Indeed those people of today who express their love prior to their marriage, who exhibit their love and bedroom scenes in TV drama shows, in newspapers, in magazines and internet are in fact people who have been taken away from them, the true pleasures of love. These are the reasons for the lack of the beauty of love that they fight for within their homes.

This campaign is to fight against what the Jews had done to destroy the Muslim ummah with forbidden sexual activities. People who are able to see, will see that it is a Mujaddid who is behind all these. No one will believe that his wife is daring enough or clever enough to fight against the Jews’and the doctrine of Zionisme !

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