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No War on Iran

Demonstrations in over 80 cities and 6 countries say:


Anti-war organizations from across the United States and 6 other countries came together on Saturday, Feb. 4, to protest the rising crescendo of threats against Iran. In more than 30 states and 80 cities, large and small, groups joined forces to raise four key demands.

"No war, no sanctions, no intervention, no assassinations!" was the slogan on the lead banner of the New York demonstration, which was sponsored by an ad hoc committee of several groups. Many placards and hand-made signs also pointed to Wall Street and the banks as the real danger, not Iran.

The corporate media have been reporting for weeks that the Israeli regime is weighing an attack on Iran aimed at dismantling its nuclear program. Yet even former U.S. intelligence officers point out that Iran's nuclear development is entirely peaceful; it is not building any nuclear weapons. (See "Divining the Truth About Iran" by Ray McGovern, published by Yet totally unsubstantiated claims to the contrary form the basis on which Israel, which itself has a large nuclear arsenal and has been armed and financed by the U.S., is now publicly claiming its right to launch a military attack on Iran.
The process has already begun in the major corporate media to give credibility to Israel's charges and soften up public opinion to accept such a criminal act, which would unleash yet another devastating war in this oil-rich region so coveted by imperialism.
A large crowd marched in New York from Times Square to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and then to the Israeli Consulate. The French press agency AFP estimated the protest at 500. Groups participating included the International Action Center, No War on Iran, SI Solidarity Iran, Campaign, American Iranian Friendship Committee, United National Anti-War Coalition, Answer and World Can't Wait.
An Iranian explained that the most important issue was the thousands of assassinations that have taken place of Iranian scientists, state representatives and even parliament ministers, for which the Iranian people blame Israel and the U.S. This has united the Iranian people, he said, against foreign intervention and war. The war has already started because sanctions are an act of war. Even many of those who have opposed the Iranian government are now seeing that their main enemy is U.S. imperialism, he added.
In Los Angeles, some 200 rallied at the city's busiest intersection by the Wiltshire Federal Bldg. Speakers included representatives from the Union of Progressive Iranians, CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador), BAYAN-USA, ALBA-USA, Bail Out the People Movement, Workers World Party, Southern California Immigration Coalition and the International Action Center. Some people who had been at an Answer event several blocks away later joined the main rally.
In Boston, over 300 rallied and marched through downtown and rallied at the beginning, the end and at the Israeli Consulate. It was initiated by the Occupy Boston Action for Peace Working Group and had participation and speakers from Boston UNAC, Vets for Peace, the International Action Center, the Boston School Bus union, the Women's Figthback Network, United for Justice with Peace, Dorcester Peace Action, and many others.
Other major cities with protests included Albany, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Tampa, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu.
The demonstrations were pulled together on only two weeks' notice, but they also inspired similar protests in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada, as well as in Bangladesh, India, Britain, Ireland and Norway.

NO War on Iran actions in over 70 cities, and growing

No War on Iran Banner

In over 70 Cities, and growing -


NO War! NO Sanctions! NO Intervention! NO Assassinations on IRAN

IN NYC, NY 1pm North end of Times Square - Duffy Square. March to the US & Israeli missions to UN.

List your activity HERE View List of Activities HERE

Let us know if you are also planning an action on Feb 4 or On the Feb 4 weekend and we will also post it, so that others can link up with you.

Or join a local action listed below.

(Alphabetical order by State)

1. Huntsville, AL 10am, Whitesburg and Airport, 5001 Whitesburg Drive

2. Phoenix, AZ, 2pm at Cesar Chavez Plaza, 200 W Washington.

3. Tucson, AZ 6pm at Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 E. 22 St.

4. Los Angeles, CA 2 pm at Westwood Fed Building, next to UCLA campus.

5. Los Angeles, CA Noon at Wilshire & Western Metro Stop.

6. San Francisco, CA, Noon at Powell & Market, BART Plaza

7. Sacramento, CA Noon, Demonstration at 16th & J Streets

8. Truckee, CA Noon, at Donner Pass Rd/ Highway 89.

9. New Haven, CT 11:00am at New Haven Green, 141 Church St

10. Tampa, FL, Noon March on McDill Air Force Base-CentComm, Rally at Gandy Bivd. & Dale Mabry Highway

11. Atlanta, GA 4:30 - 5:30pm at CNN Center, Marietta & Centennial Olympic Park.

12. Honolulu, HI 7pm in Heart of Waikiki, Kalakaua Ave & Seaside Ave

13. Des Moines, IA 6pm at Nollen Plaza, Des Moines Civic Center, 221 Walnut St

14. Chicago, IL Noon at Federal Plaza

15. Champaign-Urbana, IL 2pm at Neil and Main St.

16. Boston, MA 1pm at Tremont & Park St, March to Israeli consulate & Copley Square

17. Detroit MI 2pm at Grand Circus Park – Woodward Ave at Adams.

18. Kalamazoo, MI 4pm, March from Urban Blend Coffeehouse, 14 N Burdick St.

19. Kochville MI 12 noon at Bay Rd & Tittabawassee Rd.

20. Grand Rapids, MN 12 noon, Peace vigil at Pokegama Avenue Bridge

21. Minneapolis, MN 3 pm at 3rd St & Cedar Avenue South.

22. Jersey City, NJ 2:30pm Vietnam Veterans Community Center, Central Ave & Manhattan Ave, then march.

23. Montclair, NJ 10:30am, Near corner of South Fullerton Ave.

24. Albuquerque, NM 1pm, Assemble at UNM Bookstore Corner of Central and Cornell

25. Albany NY Noon at Wolf Road & Central Ave, March 1pm to mall recruiting station.

26. Buffalo, NY 3pm at City Hall Square, then marching.

27. NYC, NY 1pm at North end of Times Square - Duffy Square. March to the US & Israeli missions to UN.

28. Rochester, NY 11am at The Public Market, 280 North Union Street

29. Saratoga, NY Noon at Broadway by Post Office, Weekly Vigil Site.

30. Syracuse, NY 1:30pm, Fayette St. and Salina St.

31. Cincinnati, OH 2pm, Piatt Park, E. 8th St and Vine St.

32. Columbus, OH 4pm at 15th St. & N. High St.

33. Defiance, OH Noon at Defiance County Courthouse, 221 Clinton Street

34. Tulsa, OK Noon at Southwest Corner of 41st and Yale Ave,

35. Harrisburg, PA Noon at State Capitol Steps, 3rd Street Side at North & Walnut

36. Philadelphia PA Noon at 5th & Market, Independence Hall.

37. Rock Hill, SC 7pm at Byrnes Auditorium at Winthrop University, 701 Oakland Ave.

38. Nashville, TN 2pm, Teach-in / Rally at Legislative Plaza, 6th Ave. between Charlotte & Union

39. Amarillo, TX 3pm, NE corner of Elwood Park then march to Congressman Thornberry's office at 905 S. Fillmore

40. Austin, TX 1pm, Intersection of 6th St. and Lamar Blvd.

41. Dallas, TX 3:30pm, Rally at Harry Moss Park, SE corner of Greenville Ave & Royal Lane

42. Houston TX 3:30pm Westheimer & Post Oak

43. Salt Lake City, UT 3pm at Downtown Federal Building, 125 S. State St

44. Blacksburg VA Noon at Federal Building.

45. Norfolk, VA 1pm at City Hall Ave at Saint Paul Blvd.

46. Richmond VA, 2pm Main Post Office.

47. Seattle, WA 1:30 at Westlake Center, March to Military processing center.

48. Milwaukee, WI Noon at East Capitol Dr. Bridge just east of Capitol Ave & Humbold Blvd.

49. Green Bay, WI Noon at Lambeau Field.

50. Racine, WI 10am NW Corner of Highways 20 & 31

51. Washington DC Noon at Lafayette Square, White House

Feb 02 NO War on Iran Actions

1. Bloomington, IL 5:30pm at Center for the Performing Arts 600 East Street

2. Oklahoma City, OK, 4:30pm at Gold Dome corner, 1112 Northwest 23rd Street

FEB 3 NO War on Iran Actions

1. Baltimore, MD. 5pm McKelvin Sq, Pratt & Light Street

2. Raleigh, NC 4:30pm Federal Building, 310 New Bern Ave

3. Nashville TN 2pm, Nashville Legislative Plaza, 6th Ave & Deaderick St.

Other Countries organizing for NO War on Iran actions on Feb 4:

Canada Feb 4

1. Calgary, AB 11am,Consulate General of USA, 615 Macleod Trail S.E., 10th Floor

2. Lethbridge, AB 2pm, City Hall, 910 4th Ave. South

3. Vancouver,BC: Picket and rally in front of US consulate, downtown, 3-6pm

Bangaldesh capital Dacca rally and march;

India message of actions in several cities including Calcutta.

Ireland at Shannon Air Base, forward base for NATO,

Norway, Oslo, Rally initiated by Iranians in Diaspora, Supported by Peace Initative Norway, Party Red & others.

Group in Iran called House of Latin America, is contacting groups internationally and urging activity in several countries.

Additions since last listing:

Delhi, NY Town Square, across from the Delaware County Office Building.

Wichita, KS Wichita Public Library, Main and William Bring signs, drums, banjos and voices.

Plymouth, NH Weekly Plymouth Common Peace Vigil Special focus on Stopping a U.S. War on Iran NO war! NO sanctions! NO intervention! NO … Plymouth Town Common

Kalamazoo, MI Kalamazoo 714 N Burdick St.12:00 PM

Omaha, NE 72nd and Dodge Dodge St & S 72nd St

Acacia Park 115 E. Platte Ave Colorado Springs, CO

Palm Springs, CA 101 S. Palm Canyon Drive

Highland, IN Highway of the Flags Veterans Memorial SE corner Indianapolis Blvd & Ridge Rd

Lewisburg, PA 2:00 PM In front of the Lewisburg, PA Post Office Corner of 3rd and Market St.

Astoria, OR 12:00 PM No War on Iran! Day of Mass Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran Stop it before we go through the whole bloody … The Post Office in Astoria, OR Corner of 8th and Commercial

Brevard, NC 12:00 PM Border Surrounding Transylvania Courthouse Lawn on Main Street D N. Broad St. and E. Main St.

Waco, TX 1:00 PM corner valley mills & waco drive

Madison, WI 3:00 PM Corner of State St. and the Capitol 2 E. Main Street

Feb 5

Vista, CA 2:00 PM Corner of Vista Village Dr. and S. Santa Fe – in the dirt lot Santa Fe Ave & Vista Village Dr

Feb 12

Portland, OR 03:00 PM NO WAR WITH IRAN, ANTI-WAR MARCH AND RALLY Stop the war of the 1% We the people of Occupy Portland condemn any act or form of violence. We … The Corner of Salmon St and Park Ave SW Salmon St and SW Park Ave

Feb 21

Des Moines, IA 06:00 PM Nollen Plaza, across from Des Moines Civic Center 221 Walnut St

United Kingdom

Leeds, ot University of Leeds – Parkinson Steps Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 9JT Sydney, ot 8:00 PM Sydney Town Hall 483 George Street

Iran Feb 4 flyer

download flyer



A broad spectrum of U.S.-based anti-imperialist and anti-war organizations, including the IAC, agreed on a Jan. 17 conference call to hold coordinated protests across the country on Saturday, Feb. 4. The demands will be: “No war, no sanctions, no intervention, no assassinations against Iran.”
The ad-hoc group that took part in the call decided that although there are only two weeks to organize, it will invite anti-war forces around the world to join in to make this emergency protest a global day of action.
All agreed on the need to stop U.S. imperialism and/or Israel from launching a military attack on Iran. There was also a consensus that the new sanctions President Barack Obama signed into law on Dec. 31 -- with the goal of breaking the Iranian central bank -- were themselves an act of war aimed at the Iranian people. The political activists on the call raised the danger of a wider war should fighting break out in or around Iran.
While the organizations involved had varied assessments of the Iranian government, they all saw any intervention from U.S. imperialism in the Southwest Asian country as a threat to the entire region and to peace. Some of the people on the call who are originally from Iran and who were in touch with family and friends there conveyed the Iranian people’s anger at the recent assassination of a young scientist.
There was agreement to make “no assassinations” one of the demands to show solidarity with the Iranian population as well as to condemn the U.S. and its allies for criminal activities against Iran and its people.
As of Jan. 19, the organizations that called the actions or endorsed later included the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC), the International Action Center (IAC), SI! Solidarity with Iran, Refugee Apostolic Catholic Church, Workers World Party, World Can’t Wait, American Iranian Friendship Committee, the Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII). ANSWER Coalition,, Peace of the Action,, St. Pete for Peace, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality-Virginia, WESPAC Foundation, Peace Action Maine, Occupy Myrtle Beach, Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, Twin Cities Peace Campaign and Bail Out the People Movement (BOPM).
Individual endorsers include authors David Swanson, “When the World Outlawed War,” and Phil Wilayto, “In Defense of Iran: Notes from a U.S. Peace Delegation’s Journey through the Islamic Republic”; and U.N. Human Rights Award winner Ramsey Clark, a former U.S. attorney general.
The list is expected to grow steadily as word spreads. Right now people can follow developments on the Facebook link:
No War On Iran: National Day of Action Feb 4,

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