Thursday, February 23, 2012

OWC Official : The Prophet is the leading figure who elevates the status of women

“Made beloved to me from your world are women and perfume, and the coolness of my eyes is in prayer.” (Ahmad and An-Nasaei)

Which is more important, fighting for women’s basic duty with minor duty or additional duty? Of course, all of us will say we should put ahead the duties as a wife when our husband is with us.

But who has made the Muslim women of today, to be preoccupied with the struggle outside the home to the extent that the husband who is right in front of their eyes is left unattended? Who has tricked us when we fight for our struggle in the society then our duties towards our husband which is most demanded by Allah and the Messenger, becomes number 2.

Sex with a husband, even though it is much needed by the husband, is considered as filthy, it is unnecessary and uncomfortable. When having sex with husband, it feels like they are being forced upon. When they come across haram sex, they seem to feel disgusted, but towards sacred sex which is halal they remain distorted in their thoughts. They feels that they are doing their maximum best while serving, entertaining and being intimate with their husband.

Pornography tells lies about women. But pornography tells the truth about men. ~John Stoltenberg

However, the husband is always dissappointed! Just ask your own husband whether he actually feels like he’s getting 100% from what he desires from his wife? All husbands who were questioned until now, all of them said: they get but not even up to 10%. The wife is not expressing 100% of her excitement and feelings while serving and entertaining, she seemed to be forced upon. They appear very enthusiastic and joyful while striving outside, why can’t they be the same with the husband ?

How does Rasulullah want us be when our husbands wish to have sex with us? What does Islam say when a wife refuses her husband directly or not? How fast does the wish need to be fulfilled and not to be delayed? Rasulullah has developed women, whenever their husband wish for them, the wives will express their excitement twofold.

The western thinking has developed Muslim women who seem to struggle for Islam but the priority and most basic is put aside!

O dear Muslim Women Strivers

Do fight against the western thinking by serving your husbands with maximum feelings that was taught by Allah and Rasul.
Before thinking about the society, try to achieve a Muslim household. Ask your husband to see whether you, am I a righteous wife? For that let’s us practice these steps.

  1. Ensure that we are always ready even though we are not invited to have sex. Prepare our bodies that will not wait even for a second when it is required.

  2. Under normal circumstances, there should not be feelings of weakness, lethargy, unwillingness to wait, wanting to get it over with quickly.

  3. Just say: If I am truly a striver, I will ensure that I maximise this programme first. And just tell the husband that I await for your command! I will give twofold more than whatever that you ask !

  4. Do not be influenced with the ‘western sort of thinking’ that seem to say that obedience towards the husband is degrading women. The fact is that is the way for making Allah and Rasul, Islam and your husband happy. Does something that Islam like, will downgrade the status of Islam?

  5. Do strive with the maximum effort to become an angel of paradise ( even better than a prostitute ) towards your husband, all for Allah. With it, wouldn’t your home be heavenly?

It is deceiving for those who said, striving to make joyful household are efforts that victimise womenfolk. With all broken homes that we have today, is it because of women strivers who have been abused?

(Apologies, for personal opinion, I chose not to post the original version of this article in Bahasa Malaysia)

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